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When it comes to getting braces, your orthodontist does not just see you once put the braces on, and they magically straighten your teeth. Having braces or aligners requires regular adjustment appointments.  At these appointments, adjustments are made to the braces. For aligner treatment, the appointment will get you more trays to continue your correct tooth movement.

There are two main things you can do to get your treatment done on time.

1: Attending your regularly scheduled appointments.

2: When it comes time for you to wear elastics, be consistent with them. Wear your elastics for 24 hours a day.

Getting your braces adjusted.

Orthodontists specialize in tooth movement, but even with the best treatment planning, adjustments must be made based on how the teeth are responding. Meaning- more pressure might need to be placed on a tooth to move it in the correct direction. If you are not coming in for regular adjustments, then Dr. Shaw would not see what needs to happen to move your treatment along properly.

Possible Oral Health Issues from missing your check-up appointments.

If you are skipping appointments, you may run the risk of oral health issues. When you come in for your appointments, the orthodontist is checking to make sure everything is in order with tooth movement but he is also checking your oral health. Yes, you may have to reschedule an appointment or two during the duration of treatment and that is not a problem, but it will most likely also delay treatment for a couple of months.  

Here are a couple of things we check when you come see us for an adjustment, and why you shouldn’t miss appointments.

  • Brushing and flossing can be tricky. Food can get stuck between wires and brackets and slow progression of treatment.
  • Plaque! If you are not cleaning well enough plaque can build up and you may have to visit your dentist to have it removed.
  • Broken wires and broken braces. If these things are not fixed, treatment will slow down and could move backwards if a tooth is not engaged into the braces and starts to move in the wrong direction.

Having your aligners checked.

When you have aligner treatment, your teeth move by changing out your aligners every 7-14 days and wearing the aligners for 22-24 hours a day.  Seeing your orthodontist for your regularly scheduled appointments will keep your treatment moving forward and will help the doctor notice anything out of order.

Things the Dr. will check at your aligner appointments.

  • How are the aligners fitting.
  • Are the teeth tracking as planned, and if not why?  Sometimes a new scan is needed to get additional aligners.

Orthodontics is a team effort. It does not work if you are not fully interested in the project. So do your part and Dr. Shaw will do his as well and you will have a fantastic outcome.

You do not need a referral to come see us. The consultation appointment is complimentary.  Dr. Shaw proudly serves the Missoula County, Lake County and Sanders County.

Give Dr. Shaw’s office a call to schedule your New Patient Exam. (406) 327-0777 We look forward to seeing you!

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