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Braces or clear aligner treatment is going to straighten out your teeth. But there is more to then just getting straight teeth.  Orthodontic elastic bands are a necessary part of the treatment process for most patients because they provide the connective forces needed to move your jaws and teeth into proper alignment.  They can’t do their job if you don’t wear them. So make sure if you are instructed to use orthodontic elastic bands during treatment that you commit to wearing them.

How orthodontic elastic work.

Orthodontic elastics are used to pull your jaws into alignment, pulling your jaw forward or backwards depending on what movement is needed.  Generally, elastics are to be worn 24 hours a day, only removing them to eat and brush your teeth. Over time elastics will lose their elasticity. This means that the force they exert on your teeth and jaw will begin to decrease. Because of this, elastics should be changed multiple times a day to keep them fresh and strong.  Wearing your elastics as prescribed can speed up your treatment.

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